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Why is hypnosis effective?


Your subconscious programming is nearly ninety percent of your total mind power. It runs persistently and automatically determines how you will respond to any given situation in life. It is unchanging and was locked at around 8-9 years of age. It is a limited script that still controls you today and was developed during a time of less than ideal learning conditions. Hypnosis is an effective tool used to change this programming to better suit your present life desires. This alignment will provide you with a more enriched life easily and effortlessly.


What is hypnosis?


Hypnosis is a state of profound relaxation and inner calmness.  The body is very comfortable and the mind is open to accepting positive suggestions for self-improvement.


While in hypnosis you are more aware of your surroundings than in a conscious waking state.  You will not be asleep, unconscious, or out of control.  Hypnosis is not magic or special power that can be used to control you.  You must choose to allow yourself to be hypnotized.  The hypnotherapist merely guides you into the state.  You will hear and respond to everything.  You cannot be made to say or do anything against your will.  Your morals and ethics are still intact and you will reject any suggestions that do not serve you.


Can I be hypnotized?


Everyone experiences hypnosis to various degrees every day.  It is a natural state that you may be in more than you think.  Getting comfortably lost in a movie or book is an example.  Your outside world fades away.  You may experience some time distortion.  Feelings and emotions are triggered within yourself.  This is a state of hypnosis.  Driving down the highway lost in thought and missing your exit is another example of when you were in hypnosis.  Each night as you drift off to sleep and every morning as you awaken you pass through the hypnotic state.  Children watching television or teenagers texting friends completely oblivious to their surroundings or people around them are in hypnosis.  We are in hypnosis more than we are aware of, and it is completely natural.

What is a hypnotherapy session like?


During our hypnotherapy sessions, we will work as a team to explore limiting behaviors and/or beliefs that may be preventing you from achieving your ideal life.  You will be guided into a comfortable state of hypnosis and provided with custom-tailored positive suggestions for self-improvement.  These suggestions will penetrate deep within your mind with limited resistance.  As a result, your new behaviors and/or beliefs will dramatically improve and enhance your personal and professional life.


Hypnotherapy is a natural and organic process of tapping into the power of your own mind to achieve your self-improvement goals.  Many people think of hypnotherapy only for use with habits such as stopping smoking or losing weight.  While it certainly is good for those, the power of the mind has no limits for personal application. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are very powerful tools that can treat a vast array of issues and conditions.

As a hypnotherapist, I work with an almost endless array of personal achievement goals.  In some cases, a medical referral may be required for issues of pain management and other medical-related issues.  If you are working with another counseling professional already or have goals beyond personal self-improvement then I may ask for a referral from the appropriate psychology professional.

Image by Benoit Beaumatin


First Session


The first session is our longest session and takes approximately 90-120 minutes, during which time I explain the foundation of hypnotherapy, and conduct assessments to determine and clarify which methods and modalities will be most appropriate for our beginning together. This is a great time for you to ask questions, as we build a rapport and do our first hypnotic induction – getting your body and mind used to how hypnosis works and feels.

Standard Session


Standard sessions are usually one hour. In these sessions, I assess your progress and determine what’s necessary to further achieve your results. Each of these sessions consists of therapeutic conversation, and then a hypnosis session to get past your conscious filters and enable action at the subconscious level. 

Coaching Session


Coaching sessions are usually 30 minutes. Often, clients want to connect to simply talk out issues we discuss during our regular sessions, or to just get input and support on new developments in their lives. This session does not include hypnosis.

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