Spiritual Inspiration from DJ Khaled

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This past New Year, I did something that I never do – I made a resolution. No, I didn’t resolve to lose weight or work out more. Nor did I resolve to do anything drastic. My resolution was simple – to look for the positive in situations. There is so much negativity in the world, and the media does an excellent job of making it seem like the world is falling apart around us.

In this quest to be more positive, I have found an unlikely role model – DJ Khaled. Let me be completely clear – DJ Khaled and I live entirely different lives. His net worth is around $75 million, and mine is not. He has a few Grammy awards, and I have none. He gets paid a lot of money to yell his name on other people’s songs, and alas, I do not. He owns three Rolls-Royce, and I drive a minivan that I happen to think is pretty fly. There are so many ways that we are different, but I realized that there are so many ways that we are similar. We are two people trying to find the absolute best in the world because it really does exist.

This guy has so much positivity and grace for everyone around him. He is passionate and has an infectious beauty for life that makes me excited. One of my favorite inspirational DJ Khaled quotes is this one - “I know that I’ve been put on this Earth to make people happy, to inspire people, and to uplift people. That’s a beautiful thing.”

The world is only terrible if that is what we choose to see in it. If you make the conscious choice to find the beauty in the things around you, you will be amazed.

This one small change has done wonders for my outlook, especially when faced with challenging situations. Life is fragile and can quickly be gone. Negativity robs us of our ability to be present in the lives of the people who matter. It steals our joy. Negativity is a thief that is undeserving of our energy. Happiness is a choice that we make every moment of every day.

I have not exactly #nailedit with this whole positivity thing because it is a constant work in progress. When mildly inconvenienced before, my first reaction was to throw my hands up and rant about how ridiculous the whole thing is. That was how I dealt with things for many years, and old habits are hard to break. Now, I will find myself reacting negatively to a situation and actively have to ask myself if I can find good in this, and most of the time, I can.

Please don’t think that I am now magically this highly enlightened being that floats around smiling and gently handing out rainbows and sunshine. Slow drivers in the left lane still make me crazy, and I still get frustrated when my kids don’t listen, but these things no longer change my mood or ruin my day. In the words of DJ Khaled, “Life is amazing, always give thanks no matter what.”

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